About Us

And God said, “Let there be light,”

I am not a firm believer of god but I always want to use this quote, especially when I work on something related to Linux or computers in general. Using Linux is in fact like being a god, a god who mounts disks, a god who send its petty users to /dev/null and a god who sees and who deletes.

I will always remember the first time when I install Gentoo/Linux. I spent sleepless nights and countless hours to compile my kernel (in the right way), build my OS from almost scratch, get my head around countless config files and options. But you know what, that’s when I fell in love with Linux. That’s when I decide to become a Linux System Administrator. That’s when I feel like GOD, the god who commands his computer with his full might. The GOD who is starter and stopper of all services. THE GOD, who is the master of all daemons. THE GOD who says “Let there be the light” and there was Xorg.

Drag Racing

Jokes aside, using Gentoo/Linux is in fact the sole reason why I become Linux System Administrator. I fell in love with it when I first saw the beauty in it, and I still do love it. But the thing is, not so many people sees what I see in Linux and this makes me sad. Thats why I started this blog! In here, you can came across stuffs about;

  • Linux
  • Ansible
  • Programming
  • Tutorials, HOWTOs
  • Installation Guides
  • Reviews
  • Games
  • Geek stuff

and maybe more! My articles can be in English (mostly) or Türkçe (bazen) and will based upon my adventures.